Thursday, April 8, 2010

Open Source Drug Discovery

It wud b very surprizing to see this first post on a blog on Stem Cells, on the topic of OSDD. But i have no regrets coz its the deserving one. Today is a start of a new era towards a TB free India and World. As we all annotators sit in the auditorium of one time residence of Pt. Nehru, Dr. Brahmachari , Lord Bhatia and Minister Chavan have already given their truely inspiring and appreciating speech towards the work done by us and seniors on this project. While i write this post a WHO representative has already given speech appreciating the vision of Prof. Brhamachari who has given world the first , only and largest open source netwok on drug discovery..Currently a lecture by Hiroaki Kitano from japan, an amateur and one of the founders of systems biology is goin on. He just now announced that our data will also be available on iPhone on a portal which is world's first application related to biology on iPhone. It has been a gr8 journey for all of us for the last 5 months and we wish to carry this on for years to come till we deliver an effective drug to the mankind. OSDD has given us new opportunities, and made us learn so much. Prof. Brahmachari visited us at the International Youth Centre last night in Chanakyapuri appreciating our work and sharing his vision in the garden. It was very nice to hear that he has a vision to create india "which leads and the world follows".

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